“After exploring intense guitar drones for several years as Fear Falls Burning, Serries returns with this release to the ambient tuneage he crafted as vidnaObmana.

Languid textures unfurl with seductive deliberation, establishing an atmospheric realm whose sedate harmonies lure in the listener with ease. These textures are smoothly released, manifesting as sighing tones that ebbed and flow according to their particular temperament. The gentle interplay of these tandem threads created fresh sonic identities, which in turn evolved to form more gestalts as the tunes progress. Variation is often difficult to detect, for the changes occur with such adept subtlety.

The “tone” of these tones is generally low-key, soft and unintrusive. Mellow pulsations stretch out to near-infinite definition, undulating through each track. Their singsong character lends to impressions of expansive regions clouded by enticing effluvium.

These compositions are designed to separate the listener from their immediate environments, lifting their attention to more vaporous vistas which invariably lead inwards, transporting the listener inside their own consciousness. There, a state of detachment mutates into a sense of connectivity with the world they left behind. Everything coexists on the same plane and thereby everywhere is equally reachable. The extreme length of these songs foster ample opportunity for the sonic traveler to satisfy their zoned-out needs.” Sonic Curiosity – USA