Month: January 2017


Initiated in 2009 at a church in Bonn when Hellmut Neidhardt and Dirk Serries recorded their first SCATTERWOUND impro session. This one is now exclusively available at the Moving Noises Festival 2017 where they will finally unleash this brandnew duo of heavy fuzz, distorted ambience and feedback harmonics.
Out on the exquisite Midira Records, this release comes as black tape with a minimal square inlay, because: Minimal visuals, maximum sounds.The pouch-sleeve is made of thick grey canvas, with black and white stitches. All handmade. Limited to 50 copies.

More info through Midira Records.


XXVI-XXX reviewed

“Belgian-based artist Dirk Serries began his Microphonics series in 2008, a little after the release of his earliest work as vidbaObmana and before the world started noticing his presence, most of it because of his collaborations with A-list acts, such as Steven Wilson, Steve Von Till, Aidan Baker, Justin K. Broadrick, Cult Of Luna and Steve Roach, and also due to catching him on tour alongside Jesu, Mono, Low, My Bloody Valentine and Cult Of Luna.

Microphonics XXVI-XXX : Resolution Heart is the tenth and last installment in the series and from its somber cover art to its ambiguous monochromatic minimalism that sways the album in its entirety, the bleakness and despondency of its ambience make up a superb final chapter for the eight-year long series.

There are no distinctive shapes or patterns among the album’s four tracks and nothing about it is definite, yet Resolution Heart succeeds without trouble in absorbing you into its refined and elegant vagueness. The hazier it gets, the more powerful its subtle little sounds and shreds of melodies become and the more grand the closure of the series appears. Serries flirts and plays with silence and with it he designs his amorphous structures, in such way that this elegiac ending to Microphonics is nothing short of striking and awe-inspiring in its faultless lowliness. ” Destroy/Exist