“This LP puts the end titles to an essential chapter in Dirk Serries’ aural movie by cross-pollinating, in a way, sonorities related to a pair of important phases of his career, namely Vidna Obmana and Fear Falls Burning. Serries has always been concerned with the gradual unfolding of sounds in a style that retains momentum while eschewing ostentation. Either via sheer pitch duration or through massive amounts of processors, most of the music engendered by the Belgian artist is capable of evoking breathtaking vistas, frequently allowing unspoken communication with the self. Lend your ears and spirit to “The Deprivation Of Heart”, the final piece of this set, to get the picture.

These four tracks convey the visual sense of an expert engineer who never relinquished the original nucleus of his conception, yet is willing to alter a bit of its outside qualities. The characteristic slowness of outspread resounding streams is blurred by a haze of slight distortion, similarly to watching a summer landscape from the top of a hill with the corneas damp from the sizzling hot. What’s truly noteworthy – indeed, a trait which separates Serries from wannabes, hasbeens and neverwases – is the ability of attributing a reminiscent sincerity to harmonic sequences usually not exceeding the limits of a two-chord straightforwardness. If the inexpert listener could be forgiven for relating this work to – just saying – Celer, certain names from the Hypnos catalogue and, why not, William Basinski, don’t you dare forgetting that the inaugural outing by Serries dates from 1985. In this house emulators are not acknowledged: here, we’re talking about a groundbreaker. Still going strong after thirty-plus years.” Touching Extremes – Italy