Merchants Of Air reviews


“The output of Dirk Serries seems neverending, which coincidentally can also be said by the length of most of his works. Not that I mind, on the very contrary. In a way, Serries has been in my living room more than any of my friends and family. His solo works and his releases with Yodok III are constants here, played on an almost daily basis.
To be honest, I cannot say that about Graham Dunning. This is actually the first time I see his name so I’m not familiar with his music. Yet, judging from what I’m listening to at this very moment, that might change soon. Dunning is a sound artist, always exploring the possibilities of music.

This album is a registration of two different concerts. The first one having taken place in Rijkevorsel, Belgium, while the other one recorded at De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Both tracks share a passion for experimenting with sound. Somehow, it feels like most of the experimentation comes from Dunning. Serries’ lingering and droning guitar sound is not the constant here. The constant seems to be a form of free jazz and the chemistry of live improvisation, something these two artists know quite a lot of.

When I say “free jazz”, don’t expect confusing rhythms and over-the-top saxophone solos. The whole album maintains a slow and somewhat mellow tone. I guess “ambient jazz” is a better phrase. Drones, soundscapes, strange noises, turntables and unidentified object create a strange but constantly evolving sound that demands to be explored. Different sound float in an out, leaving the listener somewhat estranged and confused. In a good way, obviously. This is just a remarkable album, one every jazz/ambient/drone/experimental fan should own.” Merchants Of Air – Belgium