“Up till now I knew Serries work only under the monikers of Vidna Obmana and Fear Fall Burning. But there was also a noisy free improviser hidden in him, who one day said: and know it is my turn. And so Serries changed ambient for noisy free improvisation. A remarkable shift! He formed a quartet with high-energy blower John Dikeman, an American tenor sax player who works and lives in Europe since several
years now (Blast, Spinifex, etc.) and also with Andrew Lisle on drums and Colin Webster alto and baritone sax. They made their first appearance in 2015 at Café Oto. This set was released as their debut album. In 2016 followed by a double-LP – ‘Apparitions’ – for New Wave of Jazz. Now the label returns with an impressive double CD.  The first CD covers a live session of the quartet.  The second CD has a live session of the quartet with Alan Wilkinson (alto and baritone sax) as a guest. Both sessions were recorded on February 8th this year at the Vortex Jazz Club in London. Wooah, wish I was there that evening! Starting is above all the American free jazz tradition, more than the European tradition of free improvised music. Their improvisations are of a constant intensity that is not often met. Be it in the modest parts or in the most extravert and powerful sections, the music is always intense and of a concentrated energy level. The interplay is very focused and committed, very tight and together. Serries succeeds well to make his contributions and to co-direct the course of this continuous slide of noise and energy. Of course it is not just a cacophony of noise; far from it. This is totally sparkling music that is difficult to resist if you feel connected with it. This is an absolutely convincing statement and an
extraordinary work by a very dedicated crew.” Vital Weekly – The Netherlands