KODIAN TRIO – II reviewed


“The Kodian Trio – that’s Colin Webster, Dirk Serries and Andrew Lisle – have just finished a mini-tour of the UK and lowland Europe. You didn’t catch ’em? Aah well, at least there’s this scorcher of a record to keep you going.

Released on the mighty Trost label, it is furious, gnarly and intricate. Andrew Lisle lays out some darned algorithmic percussion grids that poke the listening brain into new shapes, while Dirk Serries spews out typically sulphuric belches of barbed wire guitar.

Elbowing between that pair is Colin Webster, his astringent honks and squeals bellowing out like a series of abstract, teeth-grinding sermons.

This lot are a bit more free-jazz oriented than Webster’s groupings with David Birchall, Andrew Cheetham, Otto Wilberg and the like. But it’s tough without being boorish, lairy without being toxic. Like a dose of chili sauce for earholes, with the accompanying sweaty adrenaline rush. Testify!” We Need No Swords – UK