The Flight Of Song (CD+LP, Tonefloat 2009)
Under The Dying Sun (7″ promo one-sided, Tonefloat 2010)
We Are Dust Under The Dying Sun (CD+LP, Tonefloat 2010)

Akhet (2xLP, Tonefloat 2011)

Night Realms (TAPE, Tombed Visions 2016)

Transmission (2xlp+downloadcode, Tonefloat 2014)

Continuum (CD, Soleilmoon Recordings 2005)
The Continuum Recyclings, Volume One (2xLP, Tonefloat 2006)
Continuum II (CD, Soleilmoon Recordings 2007)
The Continuum Recyclings, Volume Two (2xLP, Tonefloat 2010)
Continuum I+ III (3xLP, Tonefloat 2014)

Obscure Fluctuations (CD&LP, Trost Records 2015)

Cult Exposure (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

Live At Le Vecteur, Charleroi – Belgium 2014 (TAPE, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

Live At Cafe OTO (CD, Raw Tonk Records 2015)
Apparitions (2xLP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2016)

Live At Zaal 100 (digital, Nachtstück Records 2016)

Low Volume Music (CD, Projekt Records 2012) – with Steve Roach
In A Place Of Mutual Understanding (CD, Projekt Records 2013) – with Stratosphere
The Origin Reversal (CD, Projekt Records 2014)
Disorientation Flow (CD, Projekt Records 2015)
Unseen Descending And Lamentation (LP/CD, Consouling S0unds 2015)
Buoyant (LP/CD, Consouling Sounds 2015) with Rutger Zuydervelt
The Devastation Chant (8″ lathe cut, Silentes 2015)
Obscured By Beams Of Sorrow (CD, White Paddy Mountain 2015) with Hakobune
The Storm Of Silence (CD, Glacial Movements 2015) with Chihei Hatakeyama
Hymnal (TAPE, Cassauna/Important Records 2016) with Steven R. Smith
Resolution Heart (7″, Tonefloat 2016) with JESU

Sluimer (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm (tour CD, Ikon 2005)
He Spoke In Dead Tongues (2xCD, Projekt/Ikon 2005)
The Carnival Of Ourselves (CD+LP, Tonefloat 2006)
The Amplifier Drone (LP, Tonefloat/Ikon 2006)
I’m One Of Those Monsters Numb With Grace (CD+LP, Equation Records 2006)
The Rainbow Mirrors A Burning Heart (CD+LP, Auf Abwegen 2006)
Woes Of The Desolate Mourner (CD+7″, Tonefloat/Ikon 2006)
We Have Departed The Circle Blissfully (LP, Conspiracy Records 2006) – with Nadja
The Infinite Sea Of Sustain (dvd audio, Soleilmoon Recordings 2006)
We Slowly Lift Ourselves From Dust (10″ picture disc, In A Silent Place 2007)
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja (CD, Conspiracy Records 2007)
Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel (CD, Conspiracy Records 2007)
When Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise Sets Fire (LP, Tonefloat 2007)
Once We All Walk Through Solid Objects (5xLP, Tonefloat 2007)
Frenzy Of The Absolute (CD+2xLP, Conspiracy Records 2008)
Pulse On Fire (split 7″ with Bass Communion, Tonefloat 2008)
The Tonefloat Sessions (LP, Tonefloat 2009) – with Theo Travis
Fear Falls Burning & Final (LP, Conspiracy Records 2009)
Dead Of Night (7″, Dot Dot Dot Music 2010)
Disorder Of Roots (CD+2×10″, Tonefloat 2012)
Our Corruption And Emptiness (7″ one-sided, Tonefloat 2012)

Live at Cafe Oto (TAPE, Astral Spirits 2016)

I (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2016)

Microphonics I-V (CD+LP, Tonefloat 2008)
Microphonics VI – XX live series (4x one-sided LP, 1xLP, Tonefloat 2009-2012)
Microphonics XII – tour edition (10″, Tonefloat 2010)
Microphonics XXI-XXV : mounting among the waves, there’s a light in vein. the burden of hope across thousands of rivers (CD+2×10″, Tonefloat 2013)
Microphonics XXIII – there’s a light in vein – remixes (LP, Tonefloat 2014)

Live (CD enhanced, Principle Of Silence 2003)

Cinepalace (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)

130806 (LP, Tonefloat/Ikon 2013)
131006 (LP, Tonefloat/Ikon 2013)
131106 (LP, Tonefloat/Ikon 2013)
132406 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2013)
131810 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2014)
131910 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2014)
132010 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2014)
152401 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2015)
151302 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2015)
151402 (DIGITAL-ONLY, Tonefloat/Ikon 2015)

Anthems (LP, Heathen Skulls 2009)

s/t (LP, Tonefloat 2008)

s/t (3xLP+1x one-sided, Tonefloat 2012)

Ashes And Blue (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2014)

VIDNAOBMANA (selected discography)
The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death (LP, Urashima 1984-2014)
No Sacrifice (LP, Urashima 1985-2016)
Burnpassion/Inferno (split 7″ with A Thunder Orchestra, Climax Productions 1988)
Revealed By Composed Nature (LP, The Decade Collection 1990)
Passage In Beauty (CD, The Decade Collection 1991)
Shadowing In Sorrow (CD, The Decade Collection 1992)
Ending Mirage (CD, ND 1993)
Soundtrack Voor Het Aquarium (split CD with Hybryds, Zoo Antwerpen 1993)
Parallel Flaming (CD, Multimood Records 1993) – with Djen Ajakan Shean
Echoing Delight (CD, Extreme Records 1993)
The Transcending Quest (3″CD, Amplexus 1994)
The Spiritual Bonding (CD, Extreme Records 1994)
Still Fragments (CD, ND 1994)
Memories Compiled 1 (2xCD, Projekt Records 1994) – one CD with PBK
Well Of Souls (2xCD, Projekt Records 1995) – with Steve Roach
Untitled (CD, Syrenia 1995) – with Asmus Tietchens
Twilight Of Perception (CD, Projekt Records 1995)
The River Of Appearance (CD, Projekt Records 1996)
Cavern Of Sirens (CD, Projekt Records 1997) – with Steve Roach
Crossing The Trail (CD, Projekt Records 1998)
Variations For Organ, Keyboard and Processors (CD, Multimood Records 1999) – with Willem Tanke
Spirits (CD, Highgate Music 1999) – with Jan Marmenout
True Stories (CD, Mirage Music 1999) – with Jeff Pearce
Memories Compiled 2 (2xCD, Projekt Records 1999)
The Shape Of Solitude (CD, Multimood Records 1999) – with Serge Devadder
Landscape In Obscurity (CD, Hypnos 1999) – with Capriolo Trifoglio, Diego Borotti
Motives For Recycling (2xCD, Soleilmoon Recordings 1999) – with Asmus Tietchens
Ascension Of Shadows (3xCD, Projekt Records 1999) – with Steve Roach
Echo Passage (CD, Musica Maxima Magnetica 2000) – with Alio Die
Circles & Artifacts (CD enhanced, The Contemporary Harmonic 2000) – with Steve Roach, Martina Verhoeven, Linda Kohanov
The Surreal Sanctuary (CD, Hypnos 2000)
The Contemporary Nocturne (CD, Hypnos 2000)
Live Archive (CD, Groove Unlimited 2000) – with Steve Roach
Soundtrack For The Aquarium (2xCD, Hypnos 2001)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works (4xCD, Hypnos 2001-2007) – with Dreams In Exile, Bill Fox, Kenneth Kirschner, Steven Wilson)
Tremor (CD, Relapse Records/Release Entertainment 2001)
Subterranean Collective (2xCD, Projekt Records 2001)
The Shifts Recyclings (2xCD, Soleilmoon Records 2002) – with Asmus Tietchens
Deep Unknown (CD, Brannan Lane Music 2002) – with Brannan Lane
Isolation Trip/Path Of Distortion (7″, Klanggalerie 2002)
Innerzone (CD, Projekt Records 2002) – with Steve Roach
Spore (CD, Relapse Records/Release Entertainment 2003)
Tracers (CD, Klanggalerie 2003) – with David Lee Myers
Legacy (CD, Relapse Records/Release Entertainment 2004)
Spirit Dome (CD, Projekt Records 2004) – with Steve Roach
Anthology 1984-2004 (CD, Projekt Records/Ikon 2004)
Gluttony (CD, Hands Productions 2005 ) – with Klinik
Greed (CD, Hands Productions 2005) – with Klinik
Noise/Drone Anthology 1984-1989 (CD, Projekt Records/Ikon 2005)
1984 – 1986 Testament Of Tape (3xLP, Vinyl-On-Demand 2009)
1987 – 2007 Chasing The Odyssee (8xLP, Tonefloat 2011)

– for a complete discography and listing, visit the discogs page

s/t (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2014)
The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (2xLP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)
Live At Dokkhuset, Trondheim – Norway 2013 (TAPE, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)
Live At De Singer, Rijkevorsel – Belgium 2014 (TAPE, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)
Legion Of Radiance (CD, Consouling Sounds 2016)